Coronavirus: 4 tips to adapt your digital marketing strategy

07Jan, 2021


Right now, we are going through a very special time, a unique moment in our history. With all the containment measures and the psychosis surrounding this health crisis resulting from the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), several companies could find themselves bankrupt if their marketing strategy is not adapted to this crisis situation.

Now is the time for you to double your efforts and take care of your digital marketing strategy. Here are some tips to adopt when communicating with the coronavirus, without overdoing it or using it if you are not concerned. These are not marketing strategies or opportunities, but communication tips in this time of crisis.

Consumers who are changing their habits

Consumer habits have been forcibly changed and the online channel has quickly become the most impactful lever because it is the most accessible in these circumstances. In such a changing environment, it is essential that retailers assume great adaptability and improve their online resources. This is the opportunity to boost your SEA and Google Shopping strategies. It’s also important to make sure that all of your products are available online and up to date, and that you have as much positive feedback as possible. If you don’t have an e-commerce site, now is the time to register on Marketplaces like Amazon, etc. or to create your own website to give visibility to your products online and attract more prospects.

Adapt your social media strategy

It is essential that you can manage your digital strategy by continuing to be present on social networks even during this period of Coronavirus. Review your entire communication strategy to adapt it to this health crisis. During this period, it is not enough to communicate for nothing. You have to adapt your speech, limit your speaking. Your communication must be useful for your customers, thoughtful and limited so that it comes closer to the expectations of your target, and that it is in line with their daily lives.

Work on your SEO, while waiting for business to resume

People spend a lot of time online and this can be seen in particular through Internet searches. This is a great opportunity to focus your efforts on developing your brand image by engaging with consumers and providing them with quality content, optimized for your website’s SEO. SEO results take a long time to appear. In a few months, when activity resumes, you will be ready and visible.

To stay positive !

During this period which is affecting the entire population hard, it is important to remain optimistic! Certainly, you have to adapt certain elements of your strategy, but not the vision of your company: enrich your initial values ​​and focus on what you can do.

There is no perfect communication strategy in times of crisis, and this coronavirus crisis is one of them. In this complicated period, the key word is to keep in touch with your partners and especially to prepare for the aftermath by fine-tuning everything you don’t have time to do when your business is running at full speed.

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