Author: newtech21

09Jan, 2021

When the coronavirus accelerates innovation in Morocco

In recent times, we have seen imagination and inventiveness unfold, including a multitude of new prototypes demonstrating human ingenuity in the face of adversity from the Coronavirus. In terms of protection, a group of eight Moroccan scientists informed, last April, that it was developing a smart mask that not only protects its wearer, but also […]

09Jan, 2021

Asus launches the new Asus Flip S in Morocco

Established in the national market since 2014, Asus is today the most popular brand in the Moroccan consumer market. During the seminar held in Marrakech, it launched the new Asus Flip S, a 360 ° touchscreen computer. For Taoufik ElKadiri Boutchich, Managing Director of the Asus brand in Morocco, “through these new products, we are […]

07Jan, 2021

The 6 major digital marketing trends in 2020

TRENDS / DIGITAL MARKETING / WEBMARKETING Digital marketing is constantly evolving. The changes are so rapid that they are sometimes even difficult to follow. Some trends outline the dominant strategies in digital marketing. Some have been established for several years while others are more recent. Which ones to bet on in 2020? 1. User generated […]

07Jan, 2021

Coronavirus: 4 tips to adapt your digital marketing strategy

CORONAVIRUS / COVID 19 / DIGITAL MARKETING Right now, we are going through a very special time, a unique moment in our history. With all the containment measures and the psychosis surrounding this health crisis resulting from the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), several companies could find themselves bankrupt if their marketing strategy is not […]